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Technological advances play a huge role in the process of human life, and especially in businesses, to the extent that they completely transform traditional businesses into a new form of technology, so that today, moving to Modern technology is an integral part of the business field therefore Datam Pandar Soorin Company (DPS) with the realization of it, Decided to help businesses grow and expand in the areas of Fintech, Blockchain, artificial intelligence, IOT





Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with the creation of intelligent machines that act like humans and react. An intelligent agent is a system that, by knowing its surroundings, has a chance of success after analyzing and analyzing it. ... Increasing. Artificial intelligence will affect human lives in the not too distant future. According to a prestigious Oxford University survey conducted in 2007, 2% of all US jobs in the year 2 are automated without human presence. Programmers and software engineers are only able to automate their jobs in the next 5 years. Researchers believe that eventually software engineers will one day be replaced by a smart program that can copy, write and improve code.‚Äč


Blockchain, described as the greatest technology behind the Internet, is a new type of information logging and reporting system. Blockchain's difference with other systems is that information stored on this type of system is shared among all members of ... the network and it is almost impossible to delete,manipulate and hack the recorded information using cryptography. This network platform enables the implementation of financial and money transfer systems, smart contracts, decentralized applications (DAPP) and decentralized data storage. At DPS we are capable of consulting, designing and implementing a variety of smart contracts, implementing financial and information storage systems, DAPPs and launching a variety of ICOs and STOs. Because Blackjack is a modern science, it needs its own specialists. So at DPS we will be with you all the way through the expertise of the programmer in this area and the experts in the field of marketing and legal of this new science, all the way to creating your own personal project.


Theory of IoT was first put forward by Kevin Ashton for the first time in two years, but has only been in the IT world for about two years, and it's interesting to know that most businesses are moving now Are making extensive use of this technology. ... Internet of Things In short, IoT or IoT is nothing new, as the first example of this technology was the production and unveiling of an internet-connected toaster by a company during a conference in 1989. On the whole, the concept of Internet of Things is to connect different devices to each other over the Internet. With the help of IoT, different applications and devices can interact and talk to each other, even humans, via the Internet. Examples include smart refrigerators that connect to the Internet and inform you of the expiration date of foods in the refrigerator. In fact, IoT enables you to remotely manage and control your used objects with the help of Internet infrastructure. IoT provides opportunities to integrate directly into the physical world and computer-based systems, such as smart cars, smart refrigerators, and smart homes, which are nowadays referred to in various discussions and conventions. You know, all these devices fall under the IoT. To this end, we decided to further develop and develop this technology by researching and investing in the ideas of this field.